A Convert to Social Media…sort of.

Social Media for Baby Boomers

I actually do think social media is a good idea and I am quite happy to have taken this class. Before this class, I didn’t realize the potential of linking all platforms together for business purposes, or for creating a unified message about branding or for personal messaging. Having said that, I am still not drawn to it enough to use it as a personal form of communication. But I am happy to have gained more information about the possibilities that I can now use in collaboration with the various projects I am working on.

I thought the class was great. The presentations were always varied and had good information. I especially appreciated hearing from Elizabeth Hilpipre at the Humane Society about their great success with using social media to help place animals. I think that was a turning point for me, and I began to see social media as a valuable tool rather than a frivolous waste of time. Well, except for tunameltsmyheart, but that’s not really wasting time. In fact, I’m almost inspired to start my own Instagram, itsallintheeyes.

Avatar_Ziggy copy

Thanks for a great class, Carol



Author: Carol McCabe

I work at Creighton University taking care of all things involving photography and graphic design for Fr. Don Doll. Outside of Creighton, I am a seeker of answers to questions about religion, art, history, literature, and the natural world.

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