Class Goes to the Dogs

NEHS_logoElizabeth Hilpipre, Development and Communications
Specialist at the Nebraska Humane Society, has developed a dynamic social media presence using primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Last year, the Facebook page had a phenomenal nine million visits!

Hilpipre has found success using Facebook to tell compelling stories about the animals that are up for adoption. She also weaves into the stories specific asks, to share posts and to share specifics about other services the Humane Society offers. She also tries to find different angles to the stories to grab attention, or heart strings and then provides shareable content. Transparency and engagement are just as important as the posts of adoptable animals and according to the webpage, responses to messages are given within an hour.

With so many animals that need homes, the stories could start to be repetitive, but Hilpipre meets with her staff on a weekly basis to review what is working or not, and to plan ahead for posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. They have found that Twitter is their biggest generator of news, and that Snapchat is the biggest generator of organic conversations on Twitter. They use Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics to gather their metrics.

I was one of the lucky 9 million visitors last year who followed the NHS Facebook, but in the end, found my sweet Sammy through their web page.