A Life Question

What is my life’s sentence.

That is a slightly different spin than the assignment ‘What Is My Sentence.’ The 20 somethings in the Social Media class, where this assignment originated, are asked to identify their top 3 strengths, top 3 talents, and describe their core area of expertise, along with what their target audience needs and wants.

At twenty something, it seems to me, strengths, talents, and expertise, are still moving targets. At twenty something, there is a fresh boldness and freedom in defining who you are. It is a challenge to sort through that boldness and freedom, and distill it all out with self-reflection, including all of the hopes and expectations of life to come, and then present it in one sentence.

My answer to ‘What is My Life’s Sentence’ comes through the lens of looking back over several decades. The morning I woke up on the official day of my 6 decades on the planet, I decided to stay in bed until I looked back over each decade and formed a sentence to define each of those decades. It took awhile to do that, much longer than I would have normally stayed in bed. I looked back over each decade, trying to be as honest with myself as I could. I looked at the twists and turns, paths taken and not taken, and the forks in the road when I should have gone right, but turned left. Some things were painful to remember, but some things were exhilarating to remember, like the summer I drove my Volkswagen Bus like a madwoman from Louisiana to California.

Volkswagon Camper by grassrootsgroundswell

The answer to my Life Sentence does not come from a sculpted, academic, background. My answer comes from my life experiences, of creating the freedom to make plenty of mistakes as a twenty something, of a decade of working with children who were mentally retarded, and then of making the bold decision to buy a business and run an art gallery.

Now, using this question, “What is My Life’s Sentence?” to reflect and distill my experiences, I can say that my top 3 strengths are:

  1. I am curious
  2. I am open to accepting new challenges
  3. I am persistant

My top 3 talents are:

  1. I have an ability to visualize organization out of chaos
  2. I engage in active listening
  3. I am methodical in solving problems

So my answer, up to this point in life is, “She is a seriously, seasoned seeker.”